New Additions to My GitHub

I’ve added a couple of repos to my GitHub.   Honestly, I’ve not really used GitHub much but recently I’ve felt the need to add more stuff to it, both from a personal interest and because recruiters and companies are asking for it.

This morning I added a WordPress plugin framework which should be a great starting point to developing new WordPress plugins. It has a bunch of features and examples plus comments describing various parts of the code.  Starting out with WordPress isn’t very intuitive so I wanted to help with that.  Plus, having a framework like this makes adding new products to Mammothology a lot easier.

Here’s the link to the framework:

I also added some random code samples in various languages and will be adding more over the coming weeks.  You can see those here: First Impressions

I recently joined, a website that allows its users to call experts and ask for advice.  It’s mainly focused on startups and technology though there are also topics for retail, real estate and even public speaking.

After browsing though various expert profiles in my areas of interest I realized that I had plenty to offer as well.  Having been around a few years and seen more than my fair share of things I thought it wise to give back and help others too.  Who knows, perhaps I can help a few people avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made over the years!  I also have plenty to offer in terms of technology and entrepreneurship as well. is a well designed website and a great idea too.  It already has thousands of experts ready to get on the phone and walk you through your problems.  I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner.

If you’d like some advice from me you can use this link and get $20 credit when you signup.